Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Migration is Coming...

This is a a well known fact that spring is on its way.  Every day my phone lights up with bird alerts from around the state.  This makes for exciting outings.  Every time you go out, there's seems to be something new.  As the past week worked out, I saw all sorts of new birds and sights.  I've attached some pictures below from my travels.

I am hoping to get many more pictures of migrants as they pass through.  There are some impressive sights to be had.  At Bombay Hook, I have over 150 American Avocets.  Seeing Shorebirds move in and warblers move in really helps me to understand and appreciate the journey the birds make.  Migration is an amazing feat.  Well, enough writing and get outside!

Purple Martins
American Avocets
Blue-Winged Teal
Bass Spawning
Hermit Thrush
Carolina Wren


  1. Purple martins!!! Can't wait until they return!!

    1. They are super awesome. Thanks for your comment!