Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mystery Goose

While bicycling today, my wife and I happened upon an odd looking goose.  Before we could grab our "bins" or a camera, we could tell it wasn't a Canada Goose.  We took several pictures and sent them off to a birding friend of ours.  It is a hybrid geese of some sort.  What this bird really reminded me is that surprises are waiting around every corner.  With Migration starting to pick up, there are all sorts of birds passing through.  I've posted the pics below:  Take a look!


  1. The thick neck, chunky body, pale legs, white cheek patch, and pink bill make me suspect this is a Canada x Greylag hybrid. Odds are the Greylag was a feral/domestic bird. I photographed a Canada x Greylag in England, link below.
    You can see the similarities between your bird and mine. Some of these can be tricky, however, and someone with a good photo of a confirmed Canada x Snow or Canada x White-fronted might prove me wrong.

  2. thanks for your comment! I spent a lot of time looking at pictures and a friend suggested it might be Swan Goose x Canada
    Here are the flickr pictures if you want to take a closer look

    What color were the legs in yours? I know your pic is in the water, but did you get a chance to see them?